I. Popelnitskaya, A. Semenova, E. Buharova, S. Pochekutov, N. Shulgin
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Competency-based approach in the modern educational process is aimed not only at obtaining subject knowledge, but also at the personal student’s growth. In this regard, the role of individual style of self-regulation and motivation of students’ achievements increases. Conscious self-regulation is an integral system of psychological means aimed at the ability to determine the goals of their training, the ability to plan ways to achieve these goals, to be able to assess their own capabilities and to master the basics of self-control and self-assessment.
The study of modern technologies of educational activity was conducted on the sample of the students from the Institute of Economics of the Siberian Federal University based on the questionnaire by V.I. Morosanova. It consists of 46 statements, operates as a single scale of the “General level of self-regulation” (GL), and characterizes the level of formation of the individual system of self-regulation of arbitrary human activity. The questionnaire statements are included into six scales identified in accordance with the main regulatory processes, as well as regulatory and personal properties. The study of the motivation to succeed and the motivation to avoid failures was carried out based on the questionnaire by A.A. Rean.
In the course of studying the style of behavior self-regulation, groups with the low, medium and high level of individual self-regulation have been singled out, for each of the groups typical profiles have been identified. Correlation and regression analysis between these indicators, as well as the level of achievement motivation and academic progress have been carried out.
The obtained results demonstrated that successful educational activity of students depends on the formation of style features complexes, as well as the degree of development and the presence of compensatory relations of the links of regulation.
It is known that people with high indicators of the general level of self-regulation master new types of activities easier and achieve high efficiency in their professional field more often.
For students this ability is manifested in good results of educational activity. The main deficiency of students’ self-regulation among all the studied specialties is insufficient, compared to other indicators, ability to simulate external and internal conditions necessary to achieve the goal in an adequate and detailed way. It can also be noted that most students are dominated by the desire to avoid failure, rather than the pursuit of success.

Keywords: students motivation assessment, self-regulation, achieving success, correlation analysis, style features

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