T. Komissarova, E. Gadzhieva, M. Lebedeva, O. Morozova
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The article traces the technique of visualization of educational information in various graphic ways. The following methods are best-known by students: the fundamental, traditional cartographic of research and teaching. They learn such methods from the course of the school geography and it is associated with the techniques and knowledge of spatially distributed information on maps and other geoimages. In addition to spatially distributed, there is other information that can be shown graphically.
The modern term "infographics" is comprehensive in the sense of the grading of any information and denotes various information-graphic works: maps, diagrams, pictograms, figures, icons, logos, etc. Despite the fact that it is most intensively used in design visualization of data, this up-to-date trend, is integrative as a way of presenting and assimilating information including learning one. An integrator provides integrability and polymethodics of its application. An integrator is the graphic representation of a concept or phenomenon (just as there is, for example, literature). Thus, the problematic subject of the article is the creation of the concept of another "language" of instruction, a graphic representation of educational information in various ways and methods.
Different ways and items of graphical representation of information can be used in a variety of areas of visual communication: from cartographic images and graphic models to the working-out of the visual didactic materials. In such cases the main aim is to cause certain processes of thinking based on images in the students minds. The figure, the graph, the scheme, etc. will be exactly the instrument creating a "graphical statement".
The training information for university students means mainly "didactic projection" of the scientific material and the way of its transformation into an educational one provided by the program. Specially selected scientific materials that are adapted for knowledge as an unknown and its studying allows us to learn the basics of the discipline.
Undoubtedly, the researching the issues of educational information visualization during students teaching in universities is necessary and relevant due to it hides great opportunities for increasing the effectiveness of the learning process, the development of creative abilities of students.

Keywords: visualization of data, infographic, educational information, didactic projection, cartographic method.

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