D. Skobelev, T. Guseva, O. Chechevatova, M. Begak, V. Tsevelev
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New Russian Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) legislation has come into forth at the beginning of 2018. In 2015-2017, 51 Information and Technical Reference Books on Best Available Techniques (BREFs) had been developed and officially approved. About 6,500 installations of various sectors had been registered as IPPC (or Category I) installations. In 2019-2025, all of them will be obliged to demonstrate compliance with requirements of Best Available Techniques (BATs) set by respective sector BREFs and to obtain Integrated Environmental Permits (IEPs).
To provide for the professional and unbiased assessment of IEP applications and render support of the national environmental authorities, it is suggested forming a special body managed by the Russian BAT Bureau, namely the Society of BAT Experts. Chartered BAT experts will represent knowledgeable, experienced, competent and committed BAT professionals. Leading teams and departments, advising governments and working as hands on practitioners, they will use their specialist knowledge and broader technological, technical and environmental engineering understanding to apply sustainable thinking throughout their daily working life. But most importantly, members of this Society will be called to assess IEP applications of Category I industries in sectors where they are most experienced and can provide their professional advice.
The core of the BAT Expert Society has already begun working: 51 BREFs developed just for 3 years had been prepared by knowledgeable, experienced and committed sector and multidisciplinary experts who demonstrated their ability to run comparative assessments of the environmental performance and resource efficiency of Russian industries, select candidate BATs and reach agreement with stakeholders on sector BATs and BAT-AELs. This, high level of skill and experience, independence and discipline of BAT experts have already been proven.

Keywords: Best Available Techniques, Integrated Environmental Permits, conformity assessment, environmental performance enhancement programmes, Society of BAT Experts.

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