J. Havrlant, M. Talich, K. Vacková
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The paper deals with the ways of creating the cartographic data for replicas of old globes. The first step is to digitize the original old globe and create its 3D and 2D model. In the next step, digital cartographic data are created from digital model of the globe. The paper cartographic materials for production of replicas are subsequently obtained by printing of digital cartographic data. These data are usually meridian gores and polar calottes in high resolution designed for printing and gluing to a globe sphere. The paper describes the cartographic projections used for the gores and calottes construction. In addition, the paper provides practical tips for making your own replicas and gluing gores to a globe sphere. There is also a practical example of an old globe replica that was created. As a replica of old globe, the paper model can be also considered. Therefore, the next part of the paper deals with the creation of these paper puzzles of old globes. For the construction of paper puzzles a polyhedron which can easily approximate the globe sphere is used. Some selected polyhedrons are presented in the paper, including the cartographic projection needed for their creation. In addition to polyhedrons, the article also presents some practical examples of created paper puzzles of old globes.

Keywords: globe prints, digital model, cartographic projection, replicas, puzzles

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