K. Macku
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


For many years, quality of life has been associated only with the economic development, and the gross domestic product has been considered as the main indicator of the quality of life and human well-being in particular region. In last decades, new approaches for evaluation of this phenomenon have been defining. The main goal of this paper is to analyse the European citizen’s subjective perception of the quality of life in the context with economic indicators. For this purpose, data from European Union Statistics on Income and Living Condition (SILC) has been used together with national accounts. Subjective data from SILC have been compared with objective economic indicators. By means of geovisualisation, a spatial distribution of the quality of life in European countries has been evaluated. In the results, a dependence between analysed dataset has been confirmed. At the same time, the paper pointed out the need to extend the analysed dimensions beyond the economic indicators, in connection with ongoing European activities dealing with the topics of a quality of life and human well-being.

Keywords: quality of life, economic, spatial

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