J. Kapusta, M. Izsóff, S. Celer, D. Tomko-Králo
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The stream bed of alpine tarns is heterogeneous. Forms and whole character of lake basins relief depend primarily on the level of their reformation by mountain glacier during the glacial stage and development of geomorphological processes in the surrounding of postglacial stage. Bathymetric survey creates the basis for the construction of bathymetric maps and DTM of lake basins. They complete the whole picture about the local geomorphological development of valleys and variety of their bases. They have the biggest importance in clarification of the lake basins development, the influence of the external processes on them and the documentation of actual state. They can serve as a material for observation of possible changes in the future. In this article we present the newest and the most precise up to date bathymetric map of Zelené Kežmarské pleso tarn. It was created in GIS on the basis of the data from the latest bathymetric observation in 2017. The depths were measured by sonar (echo locator) and recorded by precise GPS. At the same time, we present the comparison of the map with older digitalized map from 1964.

Key words: Zelené Kežmarské pleso tarn. Bathymetric map. Lake basin. High Tatras.

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