M. Palamariu, I. Tulbure, A. Dreghici
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Land use planning strategies on regional and local level have in the last time gained a special consideration in connection to debates about shaping human activities in such a way that their environmental impacts are as low as possible, as such strategies are actually playing a decisive role in this regard. Taking into account technical aspects in connection with environmental and social ones, special attention has to be paid to the field of land use. A proper land use planning, beside land administration and management, is a foremost condition for assuring an appropriate economic development thus human prosperity. This is becoming more relevant than ever in regard of assuring the sustainability of our human society on a regional level, where the needs of land property clarifications are sometimes shutting-down the efforts of shaping a sustainable region. The developments did however emphasize that beside wanted effects of technological progress, undesired and even unthinkable negative effects can appear, putting in danger the sustainability of our human society. With the goal of assuring the sustainability of our human society, it is therefore necessary to evaluate human activities not only from economic and technological points of view but also from environmental and social ones. In this regard land use planning strategies on regional level will be presented by taking into account diverse human activities with the goal of reducing environmental impacts. Gaining strategies for a proper land use planning with minimum environmental impacts on local and regional level means actually developing strategies for urban sustainability, actually for shaping sustainable cities. Some of these strategies are using interdisciplinary approaches especially related to clarifying the causal relationship between population and their land property with minimum environmental impacts because of carrying out certain economic activities on the land. In this context a catalog of requirements or checklist for assuring a proper land use planning with minimum environmental impacts is debated.

Keywords: Land Use Planning, Environmental Impacts, Checklist, Technological Progress, Interdisciplinary Approach

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