A. Iliescu-Cremeneanu, A.C. Badea, D. Vasilca, D. Badea
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Throughout the last few years, there has been a global trend to preserve protected green areas. Each nation is responsible for ensuring that such areas are not potentially destroyed by faulty social management and development. Therefore, a sustainable future can only be built with sufficient care for green infrastructure, which once destroyed is almost impossible to restore. Communities should thus actively participate towards protecting their local biodiversity and natural habitats, thereby improving their collective quality of life by supporting an intelligent and balanced social development plan.
In order to answer specialist questions concerning which specific areas should be protected under the designation of green infrastructure, how pathways can be set up throughout parks for residents to better enjoy nature or how human activity can be organised in urban areas so that it will not elicit a negative influence on park ecosystems, we believe that two technologies used in tandem bring the best answer: GIS and remote sensing.
GIS and remote sensing integration for monitoring and protecting the environment represent important tools for responsible social management and development. GIS represents a powerful software solution that allows for an unlimited amount of information to be linked to a particular geographic location. Combined with remote sensing, this can allow users to monitor locations, events, features and environmental changes with unprecedented clarity, presenting multiple layers of information such as environmental trends, soil stability, pesticide use, animal migration corridors and much more.
Since the present study promotes GIS and remote sensing for the monitoring of protected green areas located within urban zones, we focused on Văcărești Park from Bucharest as our case study. Herein, we presented a spatial analysis of the vegetation index, a monitoring of changes based on satellite imagery over the past 5 years and a LiDAR area flight from 2017.

Keywords: GIS and remote sensing, Văcărești Park, ecosystems, urban protected ar

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