Natalya Mikhaylova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The aerial survey results have shown a number of benefits of aerial survey if compared to ground survey. Unmanned aerial vehicle can be effectively used in surveying works in opencasts. At the same time, this technology allows to improve accuracy, safety and effectiveness of surveying works as well as reduce costs and labor effort. The surveying department and industrial engineers of JSC SUEK for surveying works in open pits have applied the unmanned aerial vehicles. As the result, labor productivity increased significantly due to the reduction of the field works duration and the expansion the area of surveying. In addition, this technology provides an opportunity to control places of accumulation and flows of melt waters and allows to monitor danger areas. The current paper describes technics and methods of processing obtained geospatial data, designing orthophotomaps and 3D models with centimeter spatial resolution of opencast surface by the means of geoinformation system GIS “Panorama”. Due to great amount of measured points, these digital terrain models, obtained with the help of aerial survey, are much more detailed than models designed according to the ground surveys.

Keywords: open pit, UAV, mining, survey, geospatial data

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