P. Klapa, B. Mitka, P. Bożek
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The construction work is constantly controlled and monitored in order to ensure the compliance of the emerging building with the project for the construction and evaluation of the quality and correctness of its particular elements. Continuous control allows to provide information on the stage of work progress on a current basis, and to detect any construction errors, which in the future may cause instability of the structure. In addition to traditional methods of measuring and acquiring spatial data, terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) is increasingly being used. This technology allows for easy, quick and accurate way to obtain information about the whole environment in the form of a point cloud. Then, with the help of computer programs, it can be used to create various types of construction and architectural documentation. TLS allows for conduct elements of geodetic construction service in accordance with technical guidelines and maintaining appropriate standards. The first stage is the inventory of the area designated for investment, where the point cloud obtained from the measurement contains spatial information, not only about the scope of planned works, but also about the adjacent areas. Additional studies, produced by means of scanning, present cross-sections of the entire area, an exact and full inventory of existing objects and other elements that are useful during the planning and implementation of construction works. Subsequent construction stages controlled by TLS allow for the inventory of construction elements and the measurement of displacements and deformations of individual fragments. In addition, they allow for better planning of subsequent stages of works while rational use of building materials and human resources, as well as for calculating the size of earthworks related to excavations and embankments. The point cloud allows for: creating models for the purposes of BIM (Building Information Modelling), preparing construction and architectural documentation in the form of projections and crosssections and elevation drawings of building. The work presents the effects of inventory work of the construction stages of a detached house and a block of flats. In addition to the acquisition of geospatial data, architectural documentation and 3D models of measured buildings have been prepared.

Keywords: terrestrial laser scanning, BIM, geodetic services in construction, construction and architectural documentation

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