A. Telesheva, A. Degtyareva, G. Shokobaeva, B. Syzdykova, G. Tashkeyeva
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Continuous improvement and technical sophistication of modern machinery and
equipment, extreme conditions of process operations dictate strict requirements for
structural materials to ensure their high strength, workability and reliability. A
perspective way to improve the operational and technological properties of aluminum
alloys is various external impacts on the crystallization processes. Such methods of preand crystallization treatment of molten metals will allow to get the target structure and mechanical properties of the alloy. This article is devoted to the investigation of the
mechanical properties of aluminum alloy grade AD31 crystalized under a centrifugalgravity field. An external impact on the crystallization processes and mechanical properties of the alloy were induced by the rotation of the container with the molten metal. The container is fixed on a centrifuge rotating in the horizontal and vertical planes. Simultaneous action of constant gravity and variable centrifugal forces results in a strong decrease in strength properties and an increase in the ductility margin of AD31 alloy. In addition, we can single out a certain angular frequency of 30 rpm, at which extreme values of mechanical properties were recorded. Thus, the research results show the opportunity to use the method of centrifugation to control the crystallization process of the molten metal.

Keywords: alloy, mechanical properties, crystallization, centrifuge

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