T. Janata, E. Housarova, J. Sedina
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During the Thirty Years‘ War in Europe, the Czech Lands represented one of its most frequent battlefields. In 1647, when General Wrangel led a Swedish campaign towards the central parts of the Habsburg Monarchy, a short clash between the Swedes and the Imperial army took place in Western Bohemia near to the castle of Třebel. Previous studies of iconographic sources published in contemporary documentary writings, supplemented by field archaeological work, have shown that the Hrotek Hill near Planá was the likely position of the Swedish Army’s headquarters in this encounter. The aim of this article is to support this assertion by research using further modern geoinformation methods, which will build on a research conducted in the past by the team of archaeologists at Charles University.
The probable position of Swedish artillery at Hrotek Hill, where a natural monadnock with excellent viewing possibilities was utilized, was measured – in addition to archaeological field research – using unmanned RPAS sensing to achieve a very accurate digital terrain model [1]. The second model was made using terrestrial photogrammetry from several points and benefited of purification from vegetation carried out during the previous field works. For the purpose of complex site assessment, the models were combined into a single unit, allowing to determine measures and volumes in detail of centimetres [2].
As a part of the exploration of the archaeological site, speculations were expressed about the practical use of the locality as a ramp partially hidden by a ‘battlement’ of the rock knob. Created models, along with previously performed cross-sections and ground probes, can help answer the questions whether it was possible to use the Hrotek Hill for the position of cannons of the Swedish crew and whether the site’s role was like the period engravings and text sources mentioned it.

Keywords: RPAS photogrammetry, modelling,

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