E. Novozhilov, G. Sukhanova, K. Terentyev
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Using of biodegradable cellulose fibers in the packaging products production reduces
needs in synthetic materials for these purposes. Softwood kraft fibers are widely used
for cardboard and paper products production because of their high characteristic
strength and good paper-forming properties. Recycling of fibers decreases their
strength. It happens partly due to the removal of xylan, which plays an important role in
interfiber bonds formation in a paper sheet. A priority task is to increase the number of
cycles of paper package processing. This problem can be solved by hydrophilic xylan
adsorption on pulp fibers.
Spent neutral sulphite liquor after hardwood semichemical pulping was used as a source of xylan. Dissolved xylan had an average polymerization degree about 100, its
macromolecules were nanoparticles of about 50 nm in length. Xylan was adsorbed on
the fibers surface after kraft pulp treatment by neutral sulphite liquor. The mass fraction
of xylan increased by 3.4 %. The xylan nanoparticles were capable to penetrate into the porous structure of pulp fibers. The infrared spectroscopy method showed the formation of strong hydrogen bonds between adsorbed xylan nanoparticles and cellulose macromolecules. The duration of pulp beating reduced by 18% and the breaking length and bursting index of paper sheets increased by 11-18 % when softwood kraft fibers contained adsorbed hardwood xylan. The modified pulp and reference pulp underwent four beating cycles. The retention of the adsorbed xylan provided a higher mechanical strength of the hand sheets due to a reduction in fracture during pulp beating when it reached an equal beating degree. Thus, the adsorption of hydrophilic xylan by cellulose fibers increases their processing cycle number and reduces cardboard and paper containers costs production.

Keywords: xylan adsorption, pulp recycling, mechanical strength, refining

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