M. Kirschenstein, I. Chlost
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The article presents the characteristics of the frequency of storms in north-western Poland (Fig. 1) from 1970 to 2017. The area of north-western Poland, selected for the research, differs in terms of the distribution of selected meteorological elements, because the climatic conditions are shaped here by an atmospheric circulation from the Atlantic Ocean, the Baltic Sea and additionally from a vast continental area. The important factors affecting the regional diversity include local conditions such as terrain, nature of the ground and distance from the Baltic Sea. Thermal, moisture and aerodynamic properties of the substrate, which are components of the radiation processes, determine the energy exchange at the interface between the atmosphere and the ground, and to a large extent determine the strength of the selected dangerous atmospheric phenomena.
Each appearance of a storm is a potentially dangerous meteorological event that threatens the environment and human activity. The analysis of these phenomena in north-western Poland indicates large regional variations, both in the course of the year and for a number of years. In the course of the year, most storms occurred in spring and summer. North-western Poland, however, stands out against the background of the entire territory of Poland – as a result of the impact of the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the period of an occurrence of storms for autumn and even winter months increases. The analysis of linear trend coefficients showed that for many years, in most stations, there was a tendency to increase the average annual frequency of storms

Keywords: variation, frequency of storm phenomena, north-western Poland

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