D. K. Mozgovoy, R. Yu. Tsarev, O. A. Almabekova, A. N. Pupkov
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Recently, satellite monitoring has recognized a wide use in estimating ecological situations in vast areas, including ice cover layer; monitoring the negative effects of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, mudflows and much more. Drought is one of the negative natural phenomena, which in its extreme forms can lead to life losses and substantial property damage. Satellite monitoring can be used to observe the change in lake coastline due to drought and predict the directions of further changes. The paper presents the analysis of the medium and high resolution satellite image potential to estimate drought impact on large freshwater lakes in California in 2010-2015. The method developed by the authors and used in the research was automated processing technology of the multispectral satellite images which provides higher reliability and efficiency of water area change detection. It was found that the Oroville and Folsom lakes’ coastline suffered from the essential offset. The testing results confirmed the sufficient degree of qualitative and quantitative indicators: high accuracy of classification (more than 90%); good reproducibility; high sustainability of the proposed technology. The advantages of the multispectral image processing via Landsat-8 satellite are the high degree of automation and economic efficiency, as the remote sensing data used are available in the Internet for free. The proposed automated processing technology can be implemented into a geo-information web service, with the wide scope of potential uses from state regulating structures; state and private companies of water transport and tourist agencies to farmers and mass media companies as well as the population living in the areas potentially affected by droughts. The directions of further research include testing the proposed technology with other types of satellites and modernizing the existing version of the geo-information web service in terms of software hardware and data storage independence.

Keywords: satellite monitoring, multispectral images, image processing, drought,
coastline offset, NDWI

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