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University Politehnica of Bucharest is one of the oldest technical Universities in Romania. Its beginnings date back to 1818 when the first technical school was founded by Gheorghe Lazar. During time the University had several premises spread across the city and later on, across the country as subsidiaries. Nowadays, the University lays on several places in Bucharest with several types of engineering faculties. On the main establishment there can be found two types of buildings: most of them where built several decades ago and a couple are just a few years old, with modern design, architecture and equipment (including ventilation utility). On these premises about 1.400 teachers and 25.000 students can be found during working days. Thus, radon concentration estimation is a very important factor in ensuring a healthy study and working environment.
Radon is a radioactive gas, one of the densest gases at room temperature. It occurs naturally, as a decay element from radium and uranium. According to several studies, radon inhalation is the second cause of lung cancer in the world in many regions.
Estimation of radon concentration is important to be performed within all types of buildings used both by students and personnel. In the same time, in order to take appropriate actions for health reason, it is important to observe the everyday habits like opening hours, first persons who arrive, ventilation of premises, teaching period, etc.

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