A. Galkin, O. Lobashov, S. Capayova, D. Hodakova, T. Schlosser
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The development of measures to improve the transport networks of cities require studying the patterns of changes in their main parameters of traffic flows after the implementation of these activities. Investments in urban transportation networks should base on accurate methods of assessing the changes in the social-economic and ecological performance of transportation networks, due to the factors affecting them. The development of such methods is possible basing on patterns of changes in the characteristics of road traffic situation when the parameters of transportation networks will be change.
The paper is present patterns of change in the total time of all urban transportation network functioning. The regression models of the total time variation of movements over urban transport network which depends on motorization level and the density of the road network was obtained. The models can be used for a preliminary assessment of the effectiveness of using different tools of measuring to improve the transport network and reducing pollutions in the cities.

Keywords: traffic flow, motorization level, transport network,

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