I. Grinfelde, A. Ilgaza, S. Jonova, A. Arne, K. Kovalenko
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The methane is one of important of GHG emissions gas from Latvia agricultural sector. There are two main sources of methane emissions: first enteric fermentation and second manure management. One of GHG mitigation measure is livestock feeding system improvement and food additive development with GHG reduction effect. The aim of this study was to evaluate inulin impact on methane and carbon dioxide balance in Holstein Friesian crossbreed calves rumen. Fifty days old Holstein Friesian crossbreed calves were divided in three groups by 8 calves in each group. The first group was control, second group were fed with 12g of Jerusalem artichoke where inulin content was 6g, and third group were fed with 24g of Jerusalem artichoke where inulin content was 12g. Methane and carbon dioxide were measured using cavity ring down spectroscopy device Picarro G2508 connected in closed circulation system with 1 L chamber and external zero leaching vacuum pump. The air samples from calves rumen were collected at 28th and 56th days after beginning of experiment. Each sample of calves rumen gas was taken in syringes with 20ml volume. In chamber with air were injected 10 ml of calf rumen gas and measured 180 s. The concentrations of methane and carbon dioxide were calculated using ideal gas law. The data matrix of gas concentrations, calvf weight and age were analyzed using ANOVA and Mann–Whitney U test. The results showed significant differences between calves groups. The control group showed significantly slower weight gain and significantly higher methane concentration.

Keywords: Picarro G2508, CRDS, GHG emissions.

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