R.A. Paunescu, G. Paunescu, C. Babeanu
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The analysis of the correlations between the specified characters (29 characters) along with the analysis of the variety classification for different characters involved in drought tolerance can provide information on the possibility of using varieties noted for a certain character in improving the tolerance to drought of another variety, where that determination was detected as a selection indicator.
The correlation between the stem length ratio to 20% PEG versus the control stem length after 15 days and the loss of water from the flag leaf after 4 hours was significant. This suggests that it would be more efficient to use the determination of water loss because the actual time used to determine it is shorter.
From the point of view of the PEG-induced drought response, the best rankings (in the top 5) were Izvor (9 placements), a romanian variety known to be drought-tolerant. This aspect can be seen as a proof of the accuracy of the results obtained. It was followed by Gruia, GK Gobe and Trivale varieties with 7 rankings among the top 5.
The results suggest some possible ways to improve the performance of the Izvor variety under hydric stress conditions by hybridizing with varieties that are highlighted for characters where this variety is not classified among the first varieties analyzed. Our results suggest possibilities to improve the behavior of wheat in drought conditions, if genes with favorable effect is cumulated.
None of the varieties analyzed have met the most favorable values for all the analyzed characters.
There have been identified Romanian or foreign varieties that can be used as genitors for the transfer in future varieties of favorable properties for drought resistance.

Keywords: wheat, PEG treatment, correlations, ranking varieties

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