O. Chivu, C. Babis, A. Semenescu, A. Dimitrescu, V. Petrescu
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


As it is well known, casting is a semi-fabrication process with a wide spread in many industrial sectors, especially in the automotive industry. In some cases, castings either have to be rehabilitated before obtaining the finished part, or in some cases some finite parts that are more stressed, after a certain number of hours of operation in a subassembly, will present an advanced wear condition, which will make the further operation of the respectively assembly impossible, this requiring the reconditioning again. The total cost of reconditioning is indicated not to exceed 70-80% from the price of a new part, of course with the condition of obtaining the quality of the reconditioned part approximately equal to that of the original. Most of the time, even if the reconditioning price is equal to that of a new part, the reconditioning ensures significant savings compared to the replacement situation because: the basic material meaning the basic part is kept and the ratio between the mass of the finished part and the semi-fabricated part is very close to "1", there is the possibility to perform the reconditioning operations in own workshops and sometimes the reconditioned part is brought to the compatible wear with the parts with which it comes in direct contact. The paper’s aim is to study the ecological impact in the case of welding reconditioning of a base part of a piping expansion equipment. In the paper, the functional role of the rehabilitated part will be presented, the material from which it is made, the reconditioning procedure and the NOx emissions released in the environment during the rehabilitation procedure.

Keywords: casting, welding rehabilitation, ecological impact, NOx emissions

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