M. Dima, M. C. Surugiu, A. Chihaia
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The article proposes an air quality monitoring system in subway stations (possibly in trains) considering that air intake is made in many stations at ground level where the level of noxes (PM, CO2) is high. The proposed system uses sensors for air quality, presence of toxic gases, smoke and fire protection, monitors air quality and permanently provides this information to travelers either by accessing a site and / or locally via a graphical interface.
Environmental monitoring information systems are systems of surveillance, forecasting, warning (alarm) and intervention that aim at systematically assessing the dynamics of the qualitative characteristics of the environmental factors in order to know the quality status and their environmental significance, the evolution and the implications social changes of the products, followed by system-determined measures.
Based on measurements will notice that the level of emissions CO2, PM is quite high. Since there is not easily removed through ventilation when the air circulation does not provide enough fresh air stations / underground trains, especially in trains traveling environments underground.

Keywords: subway station, railway tunnel, wireless sensor networks, emissions

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