R. A. Paunescu
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The paper is focused to characterize a limited assortment in the context of a set of drought sensitivity indices, grouping these indices according to the conditions they reflect (stress and / or normal) and the correlations between them.
In our research, we aimed also comparing different sensitivity indicators proposed in order to identify the most appropriate index to characterize the behavior of varieties that we have studied in field experiments. The 13 varieties have been tested for 14 years between 2002 and 2015.
Based on the calculation formulas for each of the numerous drought sensitivity indices proposed in the literature (stress susceptibility index – SSI; tolerance – TOL; mean productivity – MP; geometric mean productivity – GMP; stress tolerance index – STI; yield index – YI; yield stability index – YSI; harmonic mean – HM; sensitivity drought index – SDI; drought resistance index – DI; relative drought index – RDI; stress susceptibility percentage index – SSPI; modified stress tolerance index – MSTI, as well as the correlations between them in the case of the assortment of varieties experienced at Şimnic under contrasting conditions of water supply, drought sensitivity indices can be grouped in three distinct categories: indices more strongly dependent on stress behavior; indices that reflect the difference in behavior between stress and normal conditions; indices reflecting average behavior.
Within each group the indices were very closely correlated, being practically equivalent. Of all the calculated sensitivity indices, the yield index, YI reflects the most direct behavior under stress, relative to the average behavior of all varieties, not influenced by behavior under other conditions, thus being most suitable for characterizing the capacity of indirect methods of describe drought resistance.

Keywords: wheat, drought susceptibility index, yield index, difference in behavior, correlations

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