A. Horomnea, V. Efros
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As a basic component of the environment, the air, vitally contributes to life maintenance and society development, through its physical and chemical properties. Thus, studying air quality, as the main factor for the living world’s progress, becomes a topical issue. Therefore, this paper proposes a detailed analysis of Botosani Town air quality. The analysis was obtained following a statistical processing of open-source data, for the year 2017, provided by the County Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institute of Statistics. Botosani Town is located in the NE of Romania, the Moldavian region, with a 40, 1 km² aria and 106.847 inhabitants, being the most important town in Botosani County. In 2012, Botosani was designated as “The Green Capital” of Romania, in terms of green spaces areas and environmental projects, in the category of Romanian towns with a 50,000-200,000 population. Moreover, according to representatives of the Environmental Agency, Botosani town was in 2014, the only city in Romania that fulfilled the European norms regarding the optimal green space area, respectively 31 m² / inhabitant. Although in the last year the air quality was in general good to very good, the intense and continuous urban infrastructure development also involved disturbing air quality factors. The main factors identified for Botosani Town were: the increasing road traffic due to a massive and large number of second-hand vehicles, with a high pollution index, the widespread use of central apartment heating or residual atmospheric particles along with other secondary factors detailed in the article’s content. Thus, due to the above-mentioned disturbing elements, the town is characterized by a specific microclimate in which the anthropic intervention, supported by some seasonal weather phenomena, exposes the urban space air to a slight degradation phenomenon.

Keywords: air quality, environment, air polluants, urban space

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