L. I. Vuta, B. Popa, G. E. Dumitran, F. Popa, M. Diminescu
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Dâmbovița River flows through Bucharest, capital of Romania, from NW to SE, bringing something from the nature in our capital. Since 1986, at the entrance in Bucharest, in order to control floods, it was realized Lacul Morii reservoir and the riverbed of Dâmbovița was regulated along the city.
“Lacul Morii” reservoir is the largest lake in Bucharest covers an area of 246 ha and has as other potential water uses: providing water for CET Grozăvești, irrigation, pisciculture, production of electricity. The reservoir is formed by a 15 m high dam, has a volume of 14.7 Mm³ and a flood mitigation capacity of 1.6 Mm³.
This paper presents the hydrotechnical system represented by Ciurel dam, realizing “Lacul Morii” reservoir, and the evacuation of water into regulated Dâmbovița River and briefly investigates the possibility to build a small hydropower plant downstream the dam. This will produce green electricity and can be envisaged also as laboratory for students from University Politehnica of Bucharest. One of the most important issues represents the fact that this is an example of good practice on where and how to further develop small hydropower plants without impacting the environment.

Keywords: hydrotechnical system, theoretical investigation, Ciurel dam, Lacul Morii reservoir, small hydropower plant

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