T. Kral, J. Kotrbanec, V. Bezdicek, T. siroký
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The article deals with geodetic works connected with the construction of the space position of the track together with the measurement of the 3D axis of the track on the section 2363 (the state border between the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic and the railway station Horní Lideč, which is located in the territory of the Czech Republic). In the introduction, the purpose of measurement and site description are briefly described. In the core of the article, there is a way of creating SPT (spatial position of track), where the type of markers for position of track and the method of geodetic measurement are given by the step-by-step intersection method. After construction of the point field system of track, a 3D track axis measurement was then carried out, in addition to measuring the position of the track, the selected objects are also located at a distance of 3.5 m from the track axis. The article deals with the measurement method and also the processing of the measured results in the measurement of the 3D axis of the track. The article contains the device and software equipment without which it is not possible to perform the given job. In the last chapter, the results of the measurement of the 3D axis of the track are summarized and their correctness is assessed.

Keywords: track, total station, 3D axis of the track

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