V. V. Belov, S. A. Avchukova, G. S. Yunusov, A. G. Sveshnikov, A. V. Stepanova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The article presents the results of the research of existing of free energy in the nature and describes the methodology and laboratory researches. The authors presented and described 3 options of laboratory samples to research the free energy in the form of a potential on different materials. In the 1st option is presented and described the results of research of the coil placed in the water. Based on investigation it is noticed that the coil placed in water does not allows to obtain the noticeable voltage. In the article it is also presented the results of research of free energy for earth battery with the set of copper and aluminum plates with a paper separator located in the air and buried in the soil. The measurements of the voltage between the plates were taken during summer time when the air temperature is in the range of 22-300C and at the different times of the day. Based on the analysis of research results of a set of plates in the air is noted that the voltage between the opposite plates in the initial period increased up to 0.5 V. Sometimes the voltage is increased more than 0.5 V and then decreased, i.e. the voltage was instable. In the 3rd option of the research there are presented the results of the vulgates’ measurement of the earth battery, which was buried in the soil to a depth of 15-20 sm. In result of experiment the voltage between terminals of opposite plates of buried earth battery was stable regardless the time of day. The last described option is much better compared to other investigated options, as the earth battery has stable voltage which does not depend on the time of day.

Keywords: potential, coil, free energy, voltage, earth battery, copper and aluminum plates.

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