A. D. Bondrea, G. Lazaroiu, L. Mihaescu, V. Berbece
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


This paper presents a solution for the replacement of conventional fuels with biofuels in order to protect the environment. The proposed biofuel is formed of diesel and a certain amount of animal fats. Biodiesel is similar to diesel fuel but with small differences. The animal fat is the result of the skin processes in the leather industry. In this industry it represents a waste and it is not used. We can consider that the animal fats are a renewable biofuel source. The proposed fuel has the properties of a renewable diesel.
The method proposed in this article represents a recovery of this type of waste in the leather industry. The injection mode of this mixture, the flame length and the flame ignition temperature influence the proposed method. The burning of the mixture was done in a boiler Multiplex CL50. The injection of the mixture was performed with the ANYO-12 burner.
This paper presents the results obtained from numerical simulation using the software ANSYS-CFX for viewing the mixture characteristics. The simulations performed were realized for different diameters of the nozzle.
The results showed that we can use the waste from animal fat for the burning process and to help to protect the environment by recovering this type of waste.

Keywords: biofuel, burning, waste, animal fats

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