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Diamond SP-NDE Aircraft’s route from 31.01.2018 on the basis of The Aircraft Monitoring System (AMS) was presented. Data were collected by using AMS and navigational parameters were described.
Peculiar aircraft route in this paper was presented. W artykule przedstawiono wybraną trasę lotu statku powietrznego.
The Aircraft Monitoring System (AMS) uses GNSS technology for Aircraft positioning. Abovementioned system is operational since 2013 in Polish Airforce Academy.
Aircrafts can be continuously monitored thus the process of pilot training si more effective. Moreover, AMS deliver an accurate position of peculiar plane. AMS has big database since 2013 up to nowadays. Moreover, it is possible to choose any day for plane’s route analysis. Real time data and flight monitoring is also possible.
Data loggers start at the moment when plane’s engines are turned on and last to the moment when engines are turned off.
System’s receivers were mount on five planes. – Diamond. Playback of data can be done and navigational parameters can bee further analysed such as:
- relative height of an Aircraft,
- Aircraft’s velocity and course
- distance from a touchdown point
- Longitude, Latitude, and elipsoidal height.
There is an additional advantage of AMS. It is possible to see in the graphical view section what is real-time Aircraft situation on the ILS, and GPS height is instantaniously comparable to the ILS parameters. Moreover, at the Airport map there is a WGS-84 Aircraft’s position, and there is a real-time compass with a magnetic course parameter visible in the database system.

Keywords: Aircrafts Monitoring System, GNSS, Polish Airforce Academ

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