V. Cintina, V. Pukite
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Aim of the paper is to explore the application possibilities of orthophoto maps and cadastre data for determination of spatial changes. One of spatial changes types is land degradation. In recent years is important to determine the land degradation and to take measures to prevent it. To carry out land degradation prevention measures, initially should determine the territories of degraded land. However, with the development of technologies and experience of land degradation assessment methods in the world, one of the most important developments has been use of remote sensing data - satellite images and orthophoto maps. Processing remote sensing data with appropriate software, the information about spatial changes including land degradation is obtained and it serve as a basis for further land degradation limitation and prevention measures for various institutions.
Using Latvian Geospatial Information Agency’s available orthophoto data, were examined few land units, where the spatial changes could be observed. The spatial changes can be observed over a longer period of time, therefore there were compared four orthophoto maps, each taken in different period of time.
Main conclusions are that the research determined that the State Land Cadastre Service data does not comply with information visible in orthophoto maps, so it is necessary to carry out cadastral surveying in order to clarify land use and update cadastral data. Also the study showed that in result of orthophoto maps and satellite images processing, can be identified whether there are changes in nature and how these data are consistent with the cadastral data from the State Land Service.

Keywords: orthophoto, cadastre data, land degradation, spatial changes

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