M. Bannikov, I. Vasilev, U. Zeb, M. Sh. Raza, U. Faiz
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Pongamia Pinnata oil has been considered as one of potential sources for commercial production of biodiesel in Pakistan. Undiluted Pongamia biodiesel has been tested in direct injection diesel engine at rated speed over the range of load. Test results have been compared with those of regular diesel fuel. With neat biodiesel brake fuel conversion efficiency has been slightly decreased and brake specific fuel consumption increased. Emissions of carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons have been essentially unchanged. Slight decrease of nitrogen oxides emissions and twofold reduction of exhaust opacity have been registered. Analysis of fuel injection and combustion characteristics discovered advanced injection, shorter ignition delay period and, as a result, earlier start of combustion of biodiesel. At the same time burn duration of biodiesel was longer than that of diesel oil. It has been concluded that Pongamia biodiesel is a good alternative to regular diesel fuel and may be used either blended with diesel fuel or even undiluted keeping engine performance and emissions at acceptable level. Furthermore, correction of fuel combustion characteristics by alcohol additives can improve performance of diesel engine running on biodiesel. Perspective of such method has been analyzed.

Keywords: diesel engine, Pongamia biodiesel, performance, emissions

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