J. Machac, A. Durna, T. Kubin
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


During the process of conceptual designing of earthmoving or construction boom type machine we have must ensure that it is applicable in practice, meaning stable. Unfortunately, not every time is design of upper structure of such a machine ideal in consideration of position of centre of gravity and that is the reason why are stabilizing outriggers usually attached. This article talks about possibilities of use various schematic drafts of stabilizing outriggers for earthmoving and construction machines on the wheeled undercarriage. Wheeled undercarriages due to lower weight and lighter structure are in general less stable (have high centre of gravity) than caterpillar undercarriages. That is the reason why are mounted frontal, lateral or different stabilizing outriggers of the machine. Outriggers should eliminate especially high or eccentric position of the centre of gravity caused by design of the lower or upper structure and primarily by boom with the mining or loading device or another executive element. Quick application and easy manipulation by operation is also one of the desirable attribute of the device for assuring of general stability of the machine. The article also summarizes and describes conditions that machines must fulfil to be stable such as tilting edge number of the outriggers etc.

Keywords: earthmoving machines, stabilizing outriggers

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