L. Rudolf, A. Durna, T. Hapla
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


During the extraction of minerals in underground mines or surface mines all material extracted must be transported long distances. This transport is usually done using belt conveyors. For the transport of rocks to a mine disposal site, a combination of multiple belt conveyors is necessary. This material must be poured from one belt conveyor to another. At the places of transfer, the upper protecting layers of the conveyor belts are often damaged due to the impact of the material. This deterioration of contact layer can lead to damage to the frame or to a significant tearing of the conveyor belt, which can cause a malfunction of the entire transport system. Since the repair of the damaged conveyor belt is time-consuming, it has very negative economic consequences for its operation. The material transported from one conveyor to another is problematic mainly when there are large pieces with relatively sharp edges in combination with a drop height of fall and an inappropriate angle of impact. The aim of this article is to point out the possibility of reducing damage to the conveyor belts in these places through the use of impact benches. Depending on the type of the impact bench there is also a change of dustiness during pouring and a different distribution of the material on the conveyor belt.

Keywords: belt conveyor, the place of impact, conveyor belt, transport of minerals

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