A. Szollosi-Mota, M. Prodan, I. V. Nalboc, S. Suvar, F. Radoi
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


In the combustion processes the nature and concentration of the developed gaseous effluents depends on the type of materials that are subject to combustion as well as on the conditions in which the oxidation processes take place.
The purpose of this paper is the experimental determination of the combustion parameters and the study of the developed gaseous effluents from several combustible materials. The production of gaseous products resulting from combustion results in different yields depending on several parameters such as: the type of materials tested, the oxidant intake, the developed temperatures, etc.
As a result of the tests carried out were determined: the type and concentration of the resulting effluents, the mass loss, the smoke density, the yield of the production of gaseous products according to ISO 5660.
For the study of combustion phenomena, the experimental module according to ISO / TS 19700 of 2007, consisting of the mixing chamber and furnace measurement, gas concentration measuring equipment was built.
The study of combustion / explosion phenomena is particularly important in order to avoid some destruction processes, but also in the expertise of such events.

Keywords: combustion, explosion, gaseous effluents, fire

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