F. Buse, S.I. Mangu, G.F. Buse, I.N. Tiuzbaian
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The companies need to change in order to be competitive on the current market. There are multiple ways to change in order to face the market. One of the most efficient instruments is organization development which refers to increasing the individual, group and organization performances, to improving the organization ability to respond efficiently to outside changes. The organization development refers to increasing the internal capabilities, ensuring that the organization structures, human resource systems, posts, communications and leadership / management processes successfully capitalize the personnel motivation, helping them to act at their maximum potential. Change management became an important and necessary attribute for organization managers and consultants. The change offers a chance to the systems which want to deal with the business environment giving up the stability comfort. In a company, the organization structure is not set forever. Therefore, on the internal and external dynamic changes, important modifications take place in the organization which accelerates considerably the rhythm of the structural restructuring.
The paper aims to study the influence of the organization on the economic performance of a company from Romania which produces coal based electric energy. We tried to obtain a model of evaluating the economic efficiency of an organization depending on various organization denominators, model to give the needed information for implementing an organization streamline based on a development plan. Therefore, it is planned / applied a streamline in a company which has a high resistance level to change, compared to a lower level one. The involved resources are different, the streamline preparation stages are different, the duration and expectances differ too.
The efficiency of the system and of the applied management depend equally on the quality of the organizational project developed and on the method of its implementation within the company. Possible negative aspects may be diminished by its stage implementation, spread in time, by modifying the different functions or by accepting the results of its implementation at lower organizational levels (divisions, departments, technology lines).

Keywords: organization structure, reorganization, organizational development, organization streamline, efficiency plan

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