L. Tkacikova, A. Mokrosova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


This article is intended to bring closer the raw materials policy of the Czech Republic, which is part of the European Union, so the article also refers to marginal and raw material policy of the European Union and secondly it is the aim of article introducing potential sources of mineral resources in our territory. Raw material policy can be understood as a political, legislative and administrative framework for reliable, affordable and long-term sustainable supply of raw materials. Raw material policy is a strategic document expressing the State’s objectives in the field of mineral resources in accordance with the needs of economic and social development, including environmental protection, and is based on the principle of sustainable development. The subject of the raw materials strategy is to ensure the raw materials needs of the state, to ensure stable, safe and economically advantageous access to mineral raw materials. The article also contains the basic documents of the Czech Republic’s raw materials policy. Another part of the articles is the definition of potential sources of minerals, ores, minerals, construction and energy raw materials. Part of the analysis of mineral resources is also the critical raw materials in our territory. The output of the article is a basic overview of raw materials policy and the expression of potentially extraction mineral resources in the Czech Republic.

Keywords: policy, mineral resources, raw materials, potential sources of minerals, strategy

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