E. Skuratovskaya, O. Mashukova, I. Sysoeva, O. Danilova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The examples of modern biophysical and biochemical methods used at the Black Sea coastal zone biotesting were presented. Their obvious advantages in precision, objectivity and efficiency of received information in comparison with other methods were shown. The bioluminescence analysis as biophysical method was used. The obtained results revealed trustworthy relation between bioluminescence field variability and ecological conditions of studied coastal areas. Ambiguous influence of heavy metals on bioluminescence of different phylogenetic level organisms was found. Influence of lead on ctenophore bioluminescence was much more expressed and significantly different from influence of other metals with full bioluminescence inhibition under small and high reagent concentrations. Biochemical parameters such as antioxidant enzyme activities, cholinesterase activity, concentrations of modified forms of proteins, medium-molecular peptides, level of lipid peroxidation in the Black sea coastal fish as biomarkers for assessing fish state and environment were studied. The results testified to efficiency and rightfulness of their usage in evaluation of coastal water quality. The obtained data indicate that selection of phylogenetic level of test organisms and methods used in monitoring of marine ecosystems is determined by monitoring tasks and environment (pelagial, bottom, bottom type, abyssal, etc). Moreover, biophysical methods are much more demonstrative for study of plankton communities with differ length structure, while biochemical methods are excellent for ichthyofauna and benthos investigations. The results testify to importance of test organism selection for study of specific pollutant and, doubtless, show some real limitations in use of these organisms for reveal other toxicants in water environment.

Keywords: bioluminescence, biochemical markers, bioindication, coastal zone, Black Sea

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