J. Shchepelina, M. Derbin, K. Isaeva, E. Sedakov, V. Seryodkina
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


This article is devoted to transport problem, which is one of the main problem of any logging company activity. On fifth all the world’s volume of woods belongs to the Russian Federation. Due to the fact that cutting fund is distributed an unevenly and a part of it is in hard-to-rich places it is use is not effective enough. Approximately 40-70 cubic meter of potential raw material per hectare remains at cutting area. Cutting waste and felling residues great removal is considered to lead to transport costs in Russia. This article suggests a way of improvement of logistic system of the flow control of bioenergy resources in logging industry based on the math modeling and transportation problems. Classical transportation problems are known for a long time and are widely used for solving such task. Nevertheless, the use of this task is limited in practice due to various reasons. It may be connected with the activity of a particular enterprise, its location, distribution of the logging fund, etc. The implementation of Monge–Kantorovich transportation problem with intermediate points in distribution of transportation of harvesting and cutting companies can give a positive economical effect and influence the use of wood recourses favorably. Applying of dynamic transportation problem in modern Russian Federation forest industry will allow:
− to reduce transportation costs and losses of potential raw material non-use of harvesting companies;
− to project the optimal location of intermediate points for generation of logging waste;
− to increase the economic efficiency of the enterprise.

Keywords: biofuel, low-quality wood, felling residues, mathematical modeling, transport problem

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