N. Kondrasheva, O. Zyryanova, E. Kireeva
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


During extraction of minerals by the open method, and especially in the areas where the dumps are located, as a result of dust emissions into the atmosphere, an unfavorable ecological situation develops, which tends to increase dustiness in quarry work areas as a result of increasing production capacity. In the paper, it is proposed to combat dust formation by mining masses impregnation with liquid preventive agents compositions. The proposed impregnations were selected depending on the season and climatic conditions. In accordance with existing methods, experiments have been carried out that confirm the formulations ability to wet the soil, the surface of mineral rocks, minerals effectively, even under conditions of negative temperatures. Stable viscosity-temperature properties ensure the stability of the liquids aggregate state in the winter period time and allow not to lose their wetting capacity. The proposed compositions performance characteristics have been checked, such as the soils wettability, the ability to consolidate finely dispersed materials, the rubber swelling of mining autotransport tires. The developed compositions proved to be very effective, especially for catching fine dust. They can be used in the mining, coal, and enrichment industries.

Keywords: dust suppression, preventive compositions, gas-oil, tar

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