S.A. Sedina, L.S. Shamganova, N.O. Berdinova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


In this article, the stages of creating three-dimensional geomechanical models in the development of deposits by open method are considered in detail, based on the results of calculating the safety factor of the open pit sides. The geomechanical model consists of four main components - geological, structural, hydrogeological models and rock mass model. The models are based on the geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical data of the field. Such geomechanical models allow to optimize the work of the whole enterprise, correctly assess risks, scientifically justify the parameters of field development. The creation of geomechanical models includes several stages: the collection and processing of data, the analysis of the results obtained, the translation of graphic documentation into digital, and the work with digital data in specialized GIS. With the stability of the pits of quarries, safety of work, development technology issues, determination of the limiting angles of the slope of the sides and the depth of the quarry are associated. To study the deep horizons of the Sarbai field and to involve new sites in development, a detailed study of the geomechanical conditions of the deposit was required. The article presents the results of the calculation of the stability of the sides and ledges of the Sarbai quarry with a depression to minus 500 m, based on taking into account the real properties, structural features and the stressed state of the massif. As a result, the areas on which deformation processes may occur are determined.

Keywords: open pit, stability, physical and mechanical properties, stress-strain state, stability factor

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