A. R. Lacatusu, L. Burtan, G. A. Vrinceanu, D. Topa, M. Dumitru
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The paper presents results of research on the soil tillage in conservative agriculture systems conducted on different soil types, under different eco-pedological conditions in Romania, in order to substantiate their scientific suitability and the assessment of implementation possibilities in relation to the entire agricultural area. Of the total arable land of Romania, the land suitable to the conservative farming systems are 4984 thousand ha (49.6%), of which, 1567 thousand hectares (15.61%) are plane and slightly inclined, and 3417 thousand ha (34.0%) are moderate - strongly inclined. Criteria for assessing the suitability of conservative soil tillage for flatlands are: clay content (the most favorable conditions are on soils with 13-32% clay content); humidity, internal drainage, compaction degree (with numerical values ˂0% v/v), salinity (absent to moderate), slope inclination (˂5%). For soils located on slopes and implicitly affected by erosion processes, the same criteria are applicable but with different numerical values, respectively, the clay content ranges between 13-45% and the slope inclination between 5 and 18%. The results were encouraging for the no-till system in our country’s conditions, even in areas with less suitable soils, where the clay content exceeds 45%. Practicing for three years the minimum tillage with disc harrows have resulted in a slight soil compaction that has occurred below the aggregate working depth, the effect of compaction being also evidenced by quantitative decreases in crops yields. For this reason, after three years is recommended that arable land to be treated by conventional tillage involving inversion of the soil with a moldboard or a disc plow as the primary tillage operation, followed by secondary tillage with a disc harrow.

Keywords: no-tillage, conservative agriculture systems

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