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The management system of technological processes at open pits is a system for planning and managing mining and transport operations and includes such types of planning as perspective, current and operational. The most difficult to implement and requiring the highest degree of accuracy, and also the most responsible is the shift operational planning. This stage is also characterized by the fact that it requires maximum interconnection and co-ordination of mining planning and management systems. Within the scope of operational planning, it is necessary to take into account the number, types and location of the main technological equipment in the open pit, the schedule of repairs, and the regulatory parameters based on the safety of mining operations.
The analysis of possibility of mining and transport complex should be carried out on the basis of methods that allow to take into account, objectively and with high degree of reliability, the influence of such factors as the structure and content of the main technological complex, the organization of interaction between mining and transport equipment, their arrangement along the open pit’s horizons and on dumps, etc. Moreover, an economic evaluation of the variants under consideration should take place directly in the process of mining and geometric analysis, and it should determine the final conclusion when choosing variants at this stage of research and open pit design.
The management system of technological processes at open pits should be based on the application of methods of technological processes scheduling, taking into account the flexible regulated standardization of technological indicators, since it allows to take into account specific mining, geological and technical conditions of operation, to react operatively and economic effectively to their changes.

Keywords: open pit, technological process, mining and transport equipment, management, flexible standardization.

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