E. Chiuzan, N. Ianc, M. S. Morar, R. Dragoescu, S. Suvar
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The purpose of this paper is to determine the rate of methane (explosive gas) and of carbon dioxide (asphyxiating gas) in the mine workings of Dej salt mine. In Romania there are six salt mines which exploit the salt through underground mine workings: Dej salt mine, Tg. Ocna salt mine, Slanic Prahova salt mine, Ocnele Mari salt mine, Cacica salt mine, and Praid salt mine. The purpose of the present paper work is to establish the methane release (explosive gas) and the carbon dioxide release regime in mine workings from Dej salt mine for classification purposes.
This verification of the Dej salt mine classification has been carried out during September 2016 and there have been taken into account the following elements: i) Geological and technical-mining conditions of the salt deposit related to Dej mining perimeter; ii) Results of the quantitative and qualitative measurements from the underground mine workings regarding: Circulated air flows; Measured methane and carbon dioxide concentrations; Absolute flows registered; Accumulation capacity of gas in the deposit; Gas concentrations and pressure in the massif. iii) Existing evidences and documentations regarding the previous gas occurrences and their manner of manifestation; iv) Establishing the way in which the gas is released into the underground atmosphere of the mine workings. Based on the observations and on the carried out measurements, on the analysis of the studied geological and mining elements, there has been made the classification proposal of the Dej salt mine from the point of view of gas emissions (methane and carbon dioxide)

Keywords: carbon dioxide release, gas emission, methane release, salt mine.

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