D. Tarau, A. A. Abrudan
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The aim of his research finds its origins in today’s increasingly scientific and practical preocupation regarding regarding the accumulation of knowledge regarding the characteristics of the natural frame and its local peculiarities, as elements that define Land Fund structure and quality of soils to determine the specifics of the ecological productivity of land and the possible pressure on them. The importance of the subject derives from the fact the theme tackled between the factors and environmental conditions for growth and fruiting plants cultivated or spontaneous soil resources presents a major component, on the one hand, an indicator of the State of the evolution of traits that causes plant growth and, on the other hand, holding the influence of all other conditions and factors which have faithfully and continually registred all phenomena spent in a certain place and time frame. The objectives and activities proposed in this work fits into current concerns of agricultural research and practice at the national and international level intended for the study of the relationship between ecopedologic conditions and productivity of farmlands in order to identify that plant production system that combines in a harmonised manner, both the productive potential of the soil with human work judiciously applied. Given these considerations, in this paper are presented some issues concerning the physical and geographical characteristics and their characteristics based on the pedologic and agrochemical information on soil existing in the OSPA archive of Timisoara and Arad, but also based on research carried out during the respective doctoral school, 28.09.2015- 27.09.2018, with "Research on foundations of ecopedological productivity of fields from the Lipovei Hills and thereof possible pressure on quality”, Through its geographic location (with a surface of 309.186 ha, of which 181.890 ha agricultural land) the area known as the Lipovei Hills, Lipova’s Piemonts or Lipova’s Plateau, is found positioned in the western part of the country, between the geographic coordinates: 21o22’30’’ East longitude and 45o55’ and 46o15’ North latitude as a geographical unit of thetransition between the Western Carpathians and the low area, subsidence of Banat — Crişana Plain. There are presented issues relating to the quality of the land within the researched areal, with a briefly summarise of the physical and geographical characteristics of the area, that contributes to the achievement of the environment in which plants grow and harvest, and furthermore the composition of edafic envelope, some restrictive land quality features, features that define their vocation for certain utilities (agricultural or forestry).

Keywords: soil, quality, area, arable, limitations

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