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The current state of the mining industry is characterized by a tendency to rapid deepening of mining, which leads to an increase in the mineral excavation self-cost and negatively affects the safety of production. The effectiveness of an underground geotechnology largely depends on the correct choice of methods and schemes for ore and rock transportation, which is becoming increasingly important, with deepening mining.
Currently, the most common transports in underground mining are rail and road vehicles; mine hauling transports are skip, automobile and to a lesser extent conveyor (using straight-line conventional conveyors) transports. The use of trunk ore transportation and lifting systems integrated with these modes of transport does not solve the work safety problems and, as a rule, entails significant expenditures for energy, salary, construction and maintenance of infrastructure, long construction periods, limited productivity, and other.
However, in scientific literature the studies that adequately describe modern trends in the development of underground mine transport systems are rarely presented, as well as an analysis of the effectiveness of their application with respect to traditional modes of transport (especially in deep mining). The transition to partially manned and in the future, unmanned transport technologies is a radical solution to safety problems, creation of comfortable working conditions and one of the ways to reduce the self-cost of transportation works. This study analyses the development of such technologies and experience of their application in the world mining industry.

Keywords: Underground geotechnology, conventional and perspective transports, partially manned and unmanned transport systems, development and preparation schemes, deep mining

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