T. Shilova, L. Rybalkin
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


In the paper the problem of coal permeability enhancement by hydraulic fracturing with the lightweight proppant is considered. The used proppant consists of hollow aluminosilicate microspheres ASPM-500. The experimental results of the lightweight proppant influence on the long-flame coal permeability are presented. The permeability of coal with a propped crack is reduced by 4-9 times as the confining pressure is increased by 5 times from 1 to 5 MPa. The permeability decrease may be caused by the proppant pack compaction in the fracture. The use of lightweight proppant, consisting of aluminosilicate hollow microspheres, increases the permeability of long-flame coal with propped fracture (width 0.5 mm) by 7-19.5 times comparing to a non-propped it, as the confining pressure is risen by 5 times from 1MPa to 5 MPa. The effect of the proppant use increases with the rise of compression loads. So, it has been experimentally established, that at confining pressures P = 1, 2 MPa, the coal permeability increases by 7-8.5 times, at P = 3, 4 MPa, by 11-14 times, and at P = 5 MPa by 19.5 times. The lightweight proppant use is a promising direction in the hydraulic fracturing technology development for the degassing of coal seams.

Keywords: coal, permeability, hydraulic fracturing, lightweight proppant, degassing

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