B. Urych, T. Janoszek
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The implementation of underground coal gasification (UCG) on an industrial scale requires solving many problems. One of them is the optimization of chemical processes during gasification, such as pyrolysis, in order to obtain a syngas with the desired parameters. The process of devolatilization a coal seam in underground conditions is complex, moreover, many issues are not fully understood. Due to the limited possibilities of experimental research, simulation research is extremely helpful in understanding the details of the process.
This article presents the basic assumptions of pyrolysis simulation in the conditions of underground coal gasification. Therefore, an attempt was made to develop a devolatilization model using the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). For this purpose, the numerical model of the georeactor was developed using the software package Ansys-Fluent. The simulation of the devolatilization a coal seam is dynamic and provides a spatio-temporal prediction of such values as: temperature, porosity of coal or the concentration of gas components.
The exemplary results of the pyrolysis process simulation in the UCG technology are presented for the "Barbara" Experimental Coal Mine in Poland. Based on the adopted assumptions of the numerical model in the CFD system, the characteristics of changes in the concentration of gaseous components were obtained. The achievement of this objective was possible by combining a model describing the kinetics of transformation on a micro scale with the computational fluid dynamics model on a macro scale. The proposed numerical model of devolatilization a coal seam includes: mass and heat transfer in a porous medium, changes in porosity, specific heat and thermal conductivity of coal, secondary reactions in coal pores and in a gasification channel during thermal conversion.

Keywords: georeactor, underground coal gasification (UCG), devolatilization a coal seam, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), pyrolysis

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