P. Petrov, P. Dimitrov, S. Petrova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The Geohash geocoding system is a way of geographic coordinates coding by converting the latitude and longitude pair into an alphanumeric character string where each subsequent symbol increases the position accuracy. The algorithm for separating the map onto individual spaces uses simple arithmetic operations and as a result, the spaces have different surface areas - in the proportions near 1:2,4 for spaces located between latitude 0°-45° and those located between latitude 45°-90°. All subsequent divisions onto subspaces inherit this disproportion in surface areas and the trend is getting worse. The area of subspace "sb" (same as "s0") where is located most of the Kenya is 2.9 times larger than the area of subspace "uk" (same as "uh") where is located northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland. In this publication, in order to create spaces of the same surface areas, a modification of the algorithm dividing Earth map onto spaces, is described. The new system, where all spaces with same string length of the name have equal surface area, we called it Geohash-EAS.

Keywords: Geohash, geocoding, map, equal-area spaces, Geohash-EAS. Geohash, geocoding, map, equal-area spaces, Geohash-EAS.

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