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The work considers information and computing technologies supporting regional deci-sions making and based on geoinformation web-systems and mapping web-services. The use of such systems for the information support of regional management is now becoming common. Long-term strategic forecasting and planning of territories development, solu-tion of various institutional and sectoral problems today are often based on the use of integrated information and computing environment, complex information systems of re-gional management, which are based on geospatial (mapping) data.
With all the variety of tasks to be solved, methods and approaches used, information tech-nologies and software products, it is possible to distinguish several characteristic features of IT solutions used in the field under consideration. Such regional geoinformation web-systems provide access to huge arrays of geospatial information and services distributed in the Internet, remote data processing with high performance multi-user computers. Usu-ally they are built in service-oriented architecture, and they can be regarded as a set of interrelated software components for spatial data operations, such as import/export, cata-loging, visualizing, creating, processing, distribution, etc. Different geospatial platform may be used as a basis – from commercial software (for example – ESRI ArcGIS and its components) to free and open source geospatial software stack, such as OSGeo projects.
This paper discusses mapping resources, technologies and web-services developed for regional authorities of Kranoyarsk Territory, Russia. In particular, over the past few years, about a dozen regional-level geoinformation web-systems have been created, including "Geoinformation system for monitoring the state of the environment in the zone of oper-ation of the oil and gas industry enterprises of the Krasnoyarsk Territory", "The network of regional educational services", "The health map of the Krasnoyarsk Territory", "Satel-lite Remote Sensing data archive of the Krasnoyarsk Territory", "Automated system for monitoring the municipalities in economy and regional development".
The modular architecture of the systems under consideration, the use of standard web services for data exchange between these modules, ensures the rapid adaptation of the existing software to the customer requirements, the replication of individual components, and their complementarity. In its turn, registration of created resources, i.e. spatial data in the centralized geoportal catalog, provides the possibility of their simultaneous applica-tion in several developments. This service-oriented approach, based on the active imple-mentation of web technologies into application information systems, is increasingly being used now.

Keywords: regional geoinformation web-system, web mapping, geospatial data, service-oriented GIS, mapping resources

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