F. Filipov, I. Otilia, A. Calugar, C. S. L. Constantineanu
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The aim of our proposals for soil sampling regarding mesofauna study in soils from greenhouses or polytunnels is motivated by the high soil heterogeneity and large variability of easy exchangeable soil properties such as water content, soluble salts distribution especially under drip irrigation and local fertilization. The intensive technology for growing vegetables or flowers, high irrigation requirements and the high soil moisture favors, in short time the degradation of morphological, physical, chemical properties and especially biological activity of the greenhouses soils. The large variability of the mesofauna species with different requirements to environmental conditions (e. g., hygrophilous to xerophilous species as regards soil humidity, salt tolerant or sensitive species to soil salinity etc.) has lead us to adapt soil sampling methods to particular conditions of every location. One of particular situation was in greenhouse where practice drip irrigation and local fertilizations of tomato plants. Using the adapted sampling methods, the identified mesofauna species confirmed the large variability of soil properties from plant rows, on the border of wetting strip, at middle distances of the plant rows and on the horticultural substrata used for seedling obtaining. After processing of field and laboratory obtained data we consider that proposed diagram for design location is useful for practical application in order to detect initiation processes of soil degradation and establish the proper measures to prevent decreasing soil quality.

Keywords: mesofauna, greenhouses, sampling, soil degradation

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