E. Khitrov, V. Ivanov, M. Stepanishcheva, A. Kochnev
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The paper aims on obtaining dependences linking peatland and forest soil cone indices and the soils’ deformation moduli. The research obtains results basing on experimental data on the mechanical properties of peatland and forest soils and theoretical dependences of contact mechanics. The paper uses methods of calculated numeric data fitting. The study obtains dependences of mechanical properties (inner cohesion, angle of internal friction, the shear modulus) of forest and peatland soil on the deformation moduli. The dependencies come as a result of approximation of statistical data on the mechanical properties of moss, grass, forest and dried swamp and statistical data on forest soil. The second stage provides calculation of the cone index with the theoretical dependences, obtained by previous researchers and verified experimentally for clay and loam soils, as well as for forest soils. Calculation is made with the cone base diameter of 35,7 mm, length of the penetrometer conical portion 31 mm, cone apex angle of 30o using the expressions for mechanical properties through deformation moduli. As a result of the calculated data approximation the study obtains linear dependences to assess the cone indices of peatland and forest soil with the deformation moduli (as well as formulae for estimating the deformation moduli of peatland and forest soil with the cone indices). The results compared with previously known experimental data for silt. Basing on the comparison of the results, the paper concludes that, in general, obtained relationships are consistent with experimental data published previously.

Keywords: cone index, deformation modulus, peatland soil, forest soil, mechanical properties, contact problem

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